Man films his dog savaging cat in shocking 'Doncaster' attack video

A man was filmed goading his dog to savage a cat in a horrific video, which could have been filmed in Doncaster

By Darren Burke
Thursday, 26th November 2020, 3:50 pm

The clip, which has been shared on Snapchat, shows a brown and white dog mauling a cat, shaking the animal in its jaws.

The Free Press has declined to publish the graphic video, which is thought to have been filmed either in Armthorpe or Barnsley earlier this week.

The clip is understood to have been filmed while the dog was out for a walk with its owner in a woodland area.

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A dog was filmed savaging a cat in an attack, possibly filmed in Doncaster. (Photo: Getty).

In the footage, he can be heard saying "get it" and "what is it?" to his dog in an attempt to encourage the animal to maintain its mauling of the cat.

One local, who did not wish to be named, saw the footage and said that she was "horrified" at what she had seen.

She said: "It was awful. It was a video of him letting a dog attack the cat while he was shouting 'what is it' 'get it'. At this point the dog already had the cat in her mouth.

"It was a wooded area which I think is in Armthorpe, but it could be elsewhere too."

The RSPCA have said that they are aware of the footage and are urging anyone with information on the shocking attack to come forward.

A spokesman for the RSPCA said: "We are aware of this very distressing video and would urge anyone with information to report this to us on 0300 1234 999, or to contact the police.

“Owners have a legal responsibility under the Dangerous Dogs Act to keep their dogs under control in a public place.

"The police and the council can prosecute anyone believed to be breaching the Dangerous Dogs Act.”

However, South Yorkshire Police has said that a dog on cat attack is not a recordable crime.

A spokesman said: “It has been passed to our force crime bureau but a dog on cat attack is not a recordable crime.”

Anyone who may have information about the incident can contact South Yorkshire Police on 101.