Lock knife used to threaten man after Doncaster pizza shop row, court told

Mystery Building - Sheffield Crown Court.
Mystery Building - Sheffield Crown Court.

A meat factory worker threatened a man with a knife on a Doncaster street in the early hours after a row in a pizza shop

Michal Radomski, aged 31, was given a suspended prison sentence for the incident as he appeared at Sheffield Crown Court after previously admitting charges of possessing an offensive weapon and using threatening words and behaviour with intent to cause fear of violence.

And the judge in the case has warned that people will not be allowed to use knives on the streets of Doncaster.

The incident happened around 4am on January 1 on Silver Street in Doncaster.

Radomski, of Kings Road, Doncaster town centre, was found by police to be carrying a lock knife with a three-inch blade after a member of the public approached officers and told them he had been threatened with the weapon.

He told police he had taken the knife fishing and had put it in his pocket, taking it out to ‘protect himself’ following a row with the other person.

Judge Sarah Wright said Radomski’s lack of previous convictions and prompt guilty plea meant she was able to suspend his prison sentence.

She told the defendant: “You are a hard-working man who doesn’t normally involve yourself in trouble. These proceedings have been a salutory lesson for you.

“But you know the use of a knife in a public place can’t be allowed.”

Radomski was given a two month prison sentence, suspended for 12 months and ordered to pay a £250 fine.

An order for the destruction of the knife was also given.