Listeners threaten to boycott BBC in support of under investigation Radio Sheffield host Toby Foster

Toby Foster
Toby Foster

Listeners have pledged their support for Radio Sheffield host Toby Foster after BBC bosses launched an investigation into his use of social media.

The breakfast show presenter has been missing from the airwaves for a month with rumours circulating over the reasons for his disappearance.

In a short statement, BBC confirmed yesterday that Foster is under investigation for his use of social media and added that inquiries are continuing whilst he is off the air.

Now in a short statement, the BBC have confirmed that Foster is under investigation for his use of social media and that inquiries are continuing while he is off air.

A BBC spokesman said: "The impartiality of our journalism is of the utmost importance to us.

"We have clear social media guidelines, which we take very seriously. We have spoken to the people concerned and we are continuing to investigate."

However, despite the investigation, listeners have leapt to Foster's defence with some even deciding to boycott the BBC until the presenter returns.

Star readers took to Facebook to back Foster, has previously been in hot water with BBC bosses after being suspended for six weeks in 2013 after calling his boss a "c***" on a tweet before apologising six weeks later.

Mark Whiteley posted: "Whatever is going on I want our Toby back, what do the BBC believe people are thinking?

"They should at least given us some sort of explanation by now. It just gets worse each Monday morning when Toby isn't on air! Get it sorted BBC."

Mark Phillips wrote: "It's not the same in a morning without Toby. The whole show is rubbish now."

Margaret Wand said: "Have missed him. Mornings are not the same without Toby."

Deena Perrozzi posted: "Not listening to BBC Radio Sheffield until Toby Foster is back #boycott BBC."

The investigation is believed to be in connection with a series of tweets Foster posted on March 22 - the day of the Westminster terrorist attack in London.

On that date he tweeted: "Look Twitter. I'm home now, and I've just told 'Bel I'm in trouble. She says I've got to go in the naughty step. #reallife."

A few weeks later he wrote: "Not closing cos someone will nick my name. But I'm off Twitter. I'm still on Facebook."

Foster has taken to Twitter to respond to the investigation in a series of tweets, saying that he has been working hard on Wentworth Live.

He wrote: "He wrote: "Genuinely bemused at Star article. I sad (sic) I haven't been sacked, because I haven't. I said I'm working hard on @WentworthLive cos I am.

"I wasn't at a signing session, I wasn't born in Sheffield and I don't live in Barnsley.

"I wasn't "nervous". The fact that I ruffled my hair and fidgeted with my shirt, is something I do. I take tablets for it. Thanks for sharing."

We have also asked the presenter for a comment via Twitter.