LISTED: Angry motorists reveal the most congested and pot-holed roads in Doncaster

York Road, Doncaster. Picture: Google
York Road, Doncaster. Picture: Google

Doncaster motorists have named and shamed the worst roads in the town and demanded the council bid for millions of pounds to fix them.

Doncaster Council is being given the chance to put together a bid for a share of £490 million to improve the town's congested highways through such things as road widening schemes. The funding package is part of the broader National Productivity Investment Fund, which is providing £1.3 billion to improve transport links across the country.

A council spokesman said: "We are awaiting further information on the bidding criteria and we fully intend to bid."

Many frustrated motorists took to Facebook to urge council bosses to go ahead with the bid for the money to improve the town's grid-locked roads.

Aaron Bent said: "Doncaster Council needs to build a road over the north of Doncaster. That will stop traffic heading into town to reach York Road.
"They also need to look at the traffic lights on the M18 J3 island. Currently cars tail back onto the M18 trying to get up it as their is no stopping traffic from the right."

Diane Smithclark added: "I also agree the traffic lights coming out of town on York Road are all badly timed. That's why you queue so much and then there's nothing."

Andy Downie posted: "Never mind congestion, Hatfield Lane from Edenthorpe to Armthorpe is a death trap with the state of road near to the main roundabout."

Nathan Jenkins said: "Maybe funding should be applied for to ease congestion on the A635 at Marr and Hickleton, which in turn will help the A1."

Paul Aldridge added: "Too many traffic lights from St George's roundabout past the train station. People can't get in and out of town. It's stop, stop all the time."

Dean Long called for "underground pedestrian crossings" near the train station and St George's roundabout.

Audrey Harrison said: "Let's face it, reading all these suggestions, and from my own experiences, it's every road in and out of Doncaster."

The competition for funding is open to all councils in Yorkshire and the Humber and will run until June 30.