Lindsey Lodge Hospice celebrates with its 500 volunteers

To celebrate Lindsey Lodge Hospice's army of over 500 amazing volunteers, the charity will be saying a big 'thank you' during Volunteers' Week from June 1-12.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 24th May 2016, 1:21 pm
Updated Tuesday, 24th May 2016, 2:23 pm

The charity in Scunthorpe wouldn’t be able to keep its services running without the free contribution of over 50,000 hours last year in its warehouse, shops, snack bar and the hospice itself.

During the National Volunteers’ Week, the hospice will show its appreciation by hosting its first-ever Volunteers’ Forum, a Volunteer Recruitment Morning and tea and cake sessions.

Margaret Johnson, from Yaddlethorpe, has volunteered at the hospice for an amazing 20 years. She said: “My husband died of cancer in 1990 and he said how much he would have appreciated a hospice, however there wasn’t one built yet in this area and when fundraising began to open Lindsey Lodge I automatically took an interest in it.”

“I volunteer in the day care unit and I absolutely love it- the patients are so inspiring and I’m lucky to meet such lovely people.

“My role is to interact with patients and to make them feel welcome as the hospice can be perceived as a daunting place at first, but they soon realise how wonderful it is.”

Another commendable volunteer, as are all the Lindsey Lodge’s volunteers, is John Hanley who drives patients to the hospice and has been doing so for 19 years. John, from Brigg, said: “I get so many benefits from volunteering; I meet fantastic people, it gives structure to my life and I feel like I make a difference.”

“I’m often the first person that patients meet so it’s important I give them confidence and a warm welcome.”

Nerissa Gallagher, Volunteer Services Manager at the hospice, said that Volunteers’ Week is a “good excuse to celebrate.” She added: “We want to say a huge thank you for all the hard work and dedication they give to the hospice which is why we will be hosting the events for volunteers throughout the week.

“Last month alone our volunteers worked an incredible 5,000 hours- the hospice simply couldn’t continue giving first-class personal care if it wasn’t for them!”

Nerissa added that volunteering has a “meaningful, positive impact on the community” but it often has many “benefits” for the volunteers too. She explains: “Our volunteers receive the appropriate training to do their roles effectively therefore it’s a fantastic way to gain valuable job skills and career experience.

“It can also build self-confidence, gives people sense of purpose, the feeling that they are giving back and being active citizens as well as offering them the chance to meet new people. All you need to have to be able to volunteer is passion, a little bit of spare time and positivity!”

The hospice on Burringham Road is hosting a volunteer recruitment morning starting at 10am prompt to 11.30am on Thursday June 9. Existing volunteers will share their experiences at the event. To register your interest email Nerissa on [email protected] or call 01724 270835 ext. 250.