The Lighter side of Life with Kate Mason: Romance not the real reason for new star coupling

She's made a career out of writing songs about her love life so it should come as no surprise that Taylor Swift has dated more famous men than we've had hot dinners.

Thursday, 14th July 2016, 12:30 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 5:10 pm
Taylor Swift by GabboT

Whilst the misery and pain of the break down of a relationship may spell heartache for some for T-Swift break-up’s equal big bucks.

And when your little black book acts as a blueprint for a glittering career filled with Grammys and glory it seems only natural that you’d change your new leading man with the same frequency as you change your nail polish.

And true to form the Shake It Off singer has ditched her last love interest, DJ Calvin Harris, and replaced him with a shiny new suitor in the form of actor and potential new James Bond star Tom Hiddleston.

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We’ve seen Taylor’s former flames, including John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal and Harry Styles come and go but there’s something a bit fishy when it comes to this latest fling.

The country crooner turned pop princess, who claims to shy away from the publicity surrounding her love life, has been parading it around for all to see.

Call me cynical but there’s just something that screams sham about this relationship.

Sure maybe Taylor did just see Tom’s face and say you look like my next mistake but something tells me there was far more intricate plotting behind the scenes.

Is it a coincidence that Tom Hiddleston is trying to raise his profile ahead of the Daniel Craig James Bond replacement decision?

And is Taylor Swift looking for more material for her new album?

Why does a multi- millionaire who owns a private jet suddenly start flying commercial with her new beau in tow causing hysteria at every airport they visit?

Why is Hiddleston wearing T-shirt’s declaring “I heart TS” whilst frolicking with her in the sea on the 4th of July?

Why would you meet the parents, just weeks into the relationship, in a very public place?

And why have they suddenly embarked on some kind of world tour visiting every major tourist landmark guaranteed to attract stares from prying eyes and paparazzi lenses?

Sorry to burst the bubble for those who believe this relationship is the real deal but I can’t see a ‘Hiddleswift’ wedding on the cards any time soon.

I think all these two will get out of this tryst is a number one hit single and a James Bond job - which is presumably all they wanted in the first place anyway.