Letter: Time for Doncaster council to deliver

In 1993 the local papers told us we were to get a no cost massive leisure park within 10 years. It was to contain Britain's first major indoor ski centre, an all-seater community sports stadium, a leisure lake and marina, a theatre, restaurants, a holiday village and landscaped areas for recreational activities.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 8th November 2018, 3:28 pm
Updated Monday, 12th November 2018, 9:20 am
Lakeside development Doncaster
Lakeside development Doncaster

Some 56 acres of commercial and business development and 18 acres of high class waterfront residential development.

25 years on, in the leisure park bigger than Euro Disney in Paris, only housing and businesses have grown and continue to grow.

The 15,000 seat community stadium costing £32 million, officially opened in 2007, being a loss maker, was given to Doncaster Rovers in 2012 on a 99 years lease for £100,000 per year.

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Who will take on the other 220 years to make it no cost? ;

Even though Doncaster is an area of high obesity, the only developments the Council are still pursing in this 15-year overdue leisure park is, multiple fast food facilities and reducing space for outdoor keep fit activities by more ground being allocated to housing developments.  

New houses that are about to hide the lake from the original set of waterfront residences.

So what has this 'Massive Leisure Site' given to the residents of Doncaster.

'Lakeside Leisure Park' advertised as twice the size of Canary Wharf containing a Lake with a no use marina. A lake occasionally used for Jet Ski competitions that has annoyed Lakeside residents due to noise and harm to wildlife.

The park still contains. No ski centre. No theatre, No holiday village. No outdoor recreational activity areas for children, youth or adults.

Doncaster residents need to make it clear in writing to the Council that installing more housing and businesses is misuse of this leisure park land.

Monty Cuthbert

by email