Labour gains in Doncaster Council elections as well known faces lose their seats

Independant candidate Georgina Mullis loses her Edlington and Warmsworth seat to Labour candidate Bob Johnson. Picture: Marie Caley D2408MC
Independant candidate Georgina Mullis loses her Edlington and Warmsworth seat to Labour candidate Bob Johnson. Picture: Marie Caley D2408MC

A MARATHON election night provided few major surprises as Labour strengthened its grip on Doncaster.

The party was the big winner in the local polls after gaining seven extra seats to increase its overall majority in the council.

Labour, now holds 43 seats and occupies more than two thirds of the Mansion House.

Elected mayor Peter Davies still holds most of the power despite Labour’s success but he is likely to have to reshuffle his cabinet following the departures of two key members after yesterday’s polls.

Patrick Wilson, cabinet member for housing, lost his Town Moor seat, while children and young people’s service holder Andrea Milner did not stand for re-election.

However, deputy mayor Coun Patricia Schofield and another cabinet member Coun Cynthia Ransome did hold their respective seats.

But candidates from all parties faced a long night wait to discover their fate with the final declaration not being revealed until 6am today.

The wait, caused by a regional verification process of the Alternative Vote referendum papers, meant the counting of ward ballot papers did not start until shortly before 4am.

Ultimately it ended in a disappointing night for the Liberal Democrats which lost three seats - including the two previously won by Mr Wilson and Paul Bissett before the pair controversially left the party.

Both men face a spell out of politics after failing to get re-elected, with Mr Bissett falling just short of his bid to topple Liberal Democrat leader Coun Paul Coddington in Bessacarr and Cantley.

However, Coun Sue Phillips, who joined Mr Bissett in defecting from the Liberal Democrats to Labour, retained her seat in the Mexborough ward.

Another success for Labour saw 23-year-old Rachel Hodson elected as Doncaster’s youngest councillor.

Coun Hodson takes over from Community Group member Carol Williams who decided not to stand for Thorne re-election because of ill health.

It was also an emotional night for long serving Edlington and Warmsworth councillor Georgina Mullis after Labour’s Bob Johnson pipped her to the seat.

Community Group member Stuart Exelby, former deputy mayor and an ally of ex-mayor Martin Winter, was ousted from the Central ward.



BOLTON Susan Mary (Labour) 2,326

FARRELL Dave (Liberal Democrats) 259

WOOD Kerry Nigel (Conservative) 509

WOODROW Vivien (English Democrats) 323


CORDEN Tony (Labour) 1,958

FLETCHER Barbara (Conservative) 415

PICKLES Scott Andrew (Independent) 1,410

Askern Spa

GREENHALGH Carol (Conservative) 831

HARDY John (Independent) 416

JONES Alan (Labour) 2,205

WOODROW Malcolm (English Democrats) 574


JAMESON Mick (Labour) 2,105

SPARROW Liz (Conservative) 669

THOMPSON Margaret (Independent) 925


HOGARTH Charlie (Labour) 1,937

MASON Phil (Independent) 498

WAGSTAFFE Tony (English Democrats) 739

Bessacarr and Cantley

BISSETT Paul (Labour) 1,371

CODDINGTON Paul (Liberal Democrats) 1,614

GREENHALGH Martin Damian (Conservative) 1,006

HEWITT Keith John (English Democrats) 756


BELL Barbara Jean (Liberal Democrats) 358

EXELBY Stuart (Community Group) 402

HUTCHINSON Paul (Conservative) 504

PERKINS Mal (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts) 268

WILKINSON Sue (Labour) 1,914

Conisbrough and Denaby

BROUGHTON Jonathan Sherwin (Conservative) 422

SAHMAN Craig (Labour) 2,417

TOSELAND Erwin (BNP) 596

Edenthorpe, Kirk Sandall and Barnby Dun

ALLEN Nick (Conservative) 837

GEE Fred (English Democrats) 655

GOODMAN Karl (Liberal Democrats) 394

MAYE Michael (Independent) 928

REVILL Tony (Labour) 1,680

Edlington and Warmsworth

BRENNAN John (English Democrats) 512

ELLIS Helen (BNP) 153

JOHNSON Bob (Labour) 1,856

JONES Elizabeth (Conservative) 292

Georgina Mullis (Independent) 1,053


BERRY Nigel (English Democrats) 1,137

JACKSON Francis John (Labour) 1,327

JOHNSON Richard Alan (Liberal Democrats) 670

SCHOFIELD Patricia (Conservative) 2,217

Great North Road

BUTTERFIELD John Victor (Liberal Democrats) 161

CALLADINE Frank Lloyd (Conservative) 551

GROCOTT Steve (English Democrats) 492

HUGHES David (Independent) 883

MORDUE Bill (Labour) 2,195

PLATT Stephen (Green) 245


CREDLAND Jessie (No party) 604

GLYNN Mick (English Democrats) 673

HART James Vincent (Conservative) 556

KNIGHT Pat (Labour) 1,519

KNIGHT Peter (Independent) 169

RAYNER Stewart (Community Group) 329


BETTNEY John (BNP) 265

CALLADINE Phyllis (Conservative) 211

JEVONS Malcolm (Liberal Democrats) 924

PHILLIPS Sue (Labour) 2,116

WATSON Anthony Mark (UK Independence Party) 255


BEARD Kathleen Margaret (Conservative) 296

BROWN John (Liberal Democrats) 134

COOKE John Nolan (Independent) 656

MCNAMEE Hilary (Labour) 1,498

WILDE Terry (Independent) 921


CHIPP Lynette (Green) 549

HEWITT Barbara (English Democrats) 662

MILLAR Peter Alexander Edward (Labour) 1,398

RANSOME Cynthia (Conservative) 1,629

Stainforth and Moorends

BLACKHAM Joe (Labour) 1,582

DRAKE Martin Edward (Conservative) 471

HOLT-TAYLOR Margaret Rose (English Democrats) 394

OWEN Dave (BNP) 288

QUINN John (Independent) 135

WILSON Allison Jane (Community Group) 232


BROOKES Tony (Community Group) 723

BROWN John (Conservative) 951

HODSON Rachel (Labour) 1,696

WALKER Richard (Independent) 663

Torne Valley

ADGAR David (Liberal Democrats) 473

HOYLE Barbara Mary (Conservative) 2,255

PEARSON Ian (Labour) 1,241

WALTERS Rebecca (UK Independence Party) 592

Town Moor

ALLEN Christine (Conservative) 628

DOYLE Kim (Liberal Democrats) 460

KNOWLES Sue (Labour) 1,775

WILSON Patrick (The Independent Candidate) 834


FIELD Maurice (Conservative) 500

GOODMAN Michelle (Liberal Democrats) 276

PENKETH Roy John (English Democrats) 786

SHEPPARD John (Labour) 1,867

Overall turnout - 36.8 per cent