Labour councillors to reject pay rise saving £20,000

Ros Jones.  Picture: Andrew Roe
Ros Jones. Picture: Andrew Roe

A proposal to increase the amount paid to elected members at Doncaster Council is set to be rejected by the town’s Labour Councillors.

An independent report due to be considered today states that councillors will receive a 2.2 per cent increase in their allowance from January 2015. However, with the authority facing £109m of cuts and staff facing potential redundancy, the Council’s Labour Group have ruled out the plan.

Chair of the Labour Group, Councillor Sue Phillips, said:

“Labour Group members met this week and were unanimous in their view that Councillors should not accept a pay rise this year.

“The Council’s budget is being hammered because of massive government cuts at a time of increasing prices and demand for services. Labour Councillors in Doncaster stand firmly on the side of local people and our hard working members of staff.

“It would be inappropriate for Councillors to accept the pay rise this year, at the same time as being forced to implement millions in government cuts to the Council budget.”

Labour Councillors will propose an amendment to the current recommendations to full council, asking elected members to waive the proposed increase due to take effect from January.

The proposal to forego the increase this year would save the Council over £20,000 to be used on frontline services.

In January Mayor Ros Jones laid out where the £109msavings will be found detailing how 1,200 council staff would lose their jobs and the closure of all council-run care homes.