Kitchen blaze alert

FIREFIGHTERS have issued a warning about pan fires after a blaze ripped through an elderly man’s kitchen in Parkgate.

The occupant, aged in his 80s, had left a pan on the cooker, but forgot about it and went out.

Fire crews from Rotherham station rushed to the house on Victoria Road at 8.25pm on Monday after fire spread through the kitchen.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used a single hose reel to put the blaze out and left the scene just before 9pm.

The blaze was contained in the kitchen and the man was not injured.

The fire brigade said this week that more fires start in the kitchen than any other room, and cooking accounts for more than 60 per cent of all accidental house fires in South Yorkshire.

They warned residents:-

* Don’t leave pans unattended and take them off the heat if you have to leave the room

* Don’t use matches or lighters to light gas cookers, spark devices are safer

* Turn saucepan handles so they don’t stick out from the hob or over pilot lights

* Always keep the oven door shut

For more information on fire safety advice in the kitchen visit