Joy as stolen Doncaster dogs reunited with owners

Jessie Palmer with the Bedlington terriers.
Jessie Palmer with the Bedlington terriers.

A ‘tail’ of stolen dogs has recieved a happy ending - after they were reunited with their overjoyed owners.

The Free Press revealed earlier this week how Bedlington terriers Millie and Missy were snatched from the Thorne home of Bernie and Jayne Palmer - and the heartbroken couple approached us to help get the dogs back.

And the campaign worked as late last night Bernie of Cotswold Road received a call to say the four year-old bitches had been spotted dumped in the garden of a house at Rawcliffe Bridge near Goole.
“We were absolutely over the moon when we got the call,” he said.

“A woman had spotted them and contacted me and we raced out there. As soon as I shouted their names over the garden wall they recognised my voice and I recognised their squeals.
“Once we got into the garden, they raced up to me and were fussing all over me. Its fantastic to have them back safe and sound.”

Apart from being soaked through after being left in the rain, both the dogs were fine - although their collars had been removed.

“I think the publicity must have scared off whoever stole them,” he said. “The response has been amazing and we’ve had people all over Facebook as well as the Free Press helping to spread the word.
“I think the people must have realised the net was closing in so they decided to dump them.”

Missy and Millie were snatched in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The raiders are thought to have broken into the property between midnight and around 7am on Wednesday - and also took a laptop, mobile phone, Mr Palmer’s wallet and also the family car.

The pedigree dogs, which are valued at about £400-£600 each, are now settling back in at home after being given a routine checkover by vets.

“I spent the night up looking after them,” added Mr Palmer. “Its wonderful they are back where they belong after their ordeal.”

The couple’s daughters Jess and Charlotte were also delighted to have the pets back and spearheaded the campaign on Facebook which went viral with hundreds of people sharing our original story calling for the return of the dogs.