Join the Sheffield Star's battle against fake news with our interactive #TrustedNewsDay

Journalists at the Sheffield Star
Journalists at the Sheffield Star

The Sheffield Star along with local titles across the UK will hold an interactive #TrustedNewsDay on Friday as part of our campaign to Fight Fake News.

We invite you to be part of it.

The day will give you the opportunity to find out about how we take decisions about stories both in our newspaper and on our website.

And we will be asking your views on how you want us to report the general election. Should we stick to purely local issues? Do you want us to examine national policies? And how do we get the balance right?

On Friday’s #TrustedNewsDay we will be posting a Facebook Live video with short interviews with our journalists.

Readers can watch live as the trusted Star journalists tackle the morning conference at 11am, to see the editorial process unfold first hand.

The Star will also be posting video interviews with some of our journalists; finding out how they source their news and how they make sure it's trusted.

The journalists will be talking about their jobs and why delivering honest journalism is the reason they entered the profession.

Our Editor, Nancy Fielder, will also hold a Facebook Live Q&A and has invited readers to send their questions about the role of local newspapers in before the event.

The Star will also be looking back on its current and recent campaigns throughout the day, highlighting the importance that trusted, local news can make to a community.

Deputy Sport Editor Liam Hoden will also talk us through the importance of trusting local sporting news, from summer transfers speculation to potential managerial changes.

You can join us on Friday through this newspaper’s website - or contribute to the discussion on Twitter or Facebook.

Go to our Twitter account and post your thoughts using the #TrustedNewsDay hashtag or leave a comment on Facebook page