Jeremy Clarkson slams Brexit voters as '˜coffin-dodging idiots who don't want to live next door to Syrians'

Outspoken Doncaster TV host Jeremy Clarkson has launched a scathing attack on people who voted for Brexit '“ describing them as '˜coffin dodging idiots' who '˜don't want to live next door to Syrians.'

Saturday, 12th January 2019, 07:15 am
Updated Saturday, 12th January 2019, 07:19 am
Doncaster motoring host Jeremy Clarkson launched a scathing attack on people who voted for Brexit

The Grand Tour and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire presenter says he feels '˜bloody sad' about Brexit and that the situation over Britain's withdrawal from the EU was '˜a thousand times worse' than Donald Trump.

In a number of hard-hitting attacks on Brexiteers, Burghwallis-born Clarkson admitted that he was a staunch Remain voter and denied fanning anti-immigration sentiment with his controversial views.

After making controversial remarks towards different cultures on Top Gear in the past, he was asked by the Daily Beast if he felt responsible for Brexit.

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He replied: 'I don't know how I've done that, I've described myself as pro-European for about 30 years.

'I feel European, when I go to America and people ask where I from I say I'm from Europe. So I'm not sure how I contributed to a few coffin-dodgers in Barnsley deciding that they don't want to live next to a Syrian.'

He added that he feels '˜bloody sad' about the chaos caused by Brexit and said: 'I would have just thrown my hands up and just gone, '˜oh for f***s sake I can't be bothered with all of this.

'I don't think there's supercomputer on Earth that could [work it out]. Europe has to punish us '” they can't allow us to leave without being damaged because then everyone will want to go. We don't want to go if we're going to be damaged.

'We can't stay, we've got Ireland, we've got the customs union and I'm still not certain what that means. This is why I said I wanted to stay, I feel European. It's just bloody sad, that's what it is, and Christ knows how it's going to be resolved in my lifetime.'

Clarkson also said that Britain would be far worse than what is going on in America under Donald Trump.

He said: 'I'm not saying I'm a Trump fan, I'm just saying, it's bad in America, but it's a thousand times worse in Britain.'

In a follow-up interview with LBC about his comments and the news that UK car maker Jaguar Land Rover was planning to cut thousands of jobs due to Brexit uncertainty, Clarkson, 58, repeated his 'coffin-dodging idiots' remark.

He said: 'Those coffin-dodging idiots who voted for Brexit have just screwed it all up.

'Alright, we may lose a car or two but think how many thousands of people are going to have their livelihoods absolutely ruined by car firms understandably moving their factories to Slovakia and wherever else.

He blamed young voters for failing to vote Remain '“ although during the EU Referendum in 2016, 64% of 18-24 year-olds did vote.

He said:  'Of course, there's nobody in Britain today who isn't worried.

'I've got three children in their early 20s and you look at their life and think '˜why did you not get up and vote?'

'None of them did, nobody under 25 got up and voted otherwise we'd be Remaining!'

In Doncaster, 69% voted to leave with 31% voting remain.