Jeremy Clarkson and Paddington Bear, Paul Daniels and Doncaster Rovers' pitch and David Bowie's dad - 7 strange things you might not know about Doncaster

Paddington Bear, Paul Daniels and David Bowie all have Doncaster connections.
Paddington Bear, Paul Daniels and David Bowie all have Doncaster connections.

Doncaster has lots of thing it is known for - but here's seven weird and wonderful things you may not know about the town.

1. Motormouth TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson was the owner of the very first stuffed Paddington Bear toy - his mum Shirley made him one for Christmas 1971 and it then grew into a huge business, selling bears around the world.

2. Late television magician Paul Daniels owned the centre circle of Doncaster Rovers' former Belle Vue ground. When the club was hard-up in the early 90s, the conjuror snapped up the turf in the centre circle as part of a publicity stunt to draw attention to the club's plight.

3. David Bowie's dad was born above Caffe Nero in Doncaster. The late pop star's father Haywood Stenton Jones was born in premises above the shop in St Sepulchre Gate, Doncaster in 1912.

4. Legendary wartime Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill once gave a speech at the Corn Exchange.

5. Disgraced TV star and paedophile Jimmy Savile wrestled in Doncaster in his early days and was a regular at venues around the town.

6. Hollywood icon Charlie Chaplin once appeared at the Grand Theatre - the redundant venue behind the Frenchgate Centre which has now been closed for more than two decades.

7. Manic Street Preachers frontman James Dean Bradfield, a supporter of Nottingham Forest, was apparently among the crowd at the very last match at Doncaster Rovers' Belle Vue in 2006 when Rovers' beat Forest 1-0.