"It's disgusting!" Doncaster mum's anger at finding half eaten chocolate bar in Iceland shopping

An angry Doncaster woman has demanded compensation from supermarket giant Iceland after finding a half-eaten chocolate bar in her online shopping order.

Thursday, 1st July 2021, 11:48 am

The mum, who has declined to be named, was shocked when she discovered the nibbled McVitie’s Gold bar at the bottom of one of her bags of shopping as she unpacked her delivery yesterday morning.

She blasted the find as ‘disgusting’ – and added: “We’re in the middle of a pandemic. That chocolate bar could have had anything on it.

"It was absolutely disgusting. I had to throw the rest of the bag of shopping away because everything in it could have been contaminated with anything.”

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The woman found a half eaten Gold bar in her shopping.

The woman had demanded compensation from Iceland and has said she will never use the firm again after making the find in her £189 food order.

She says the company has offered her a £10 money off voucher off her next shop – as long as it totals more than £50 – as well as a bottle of wine – as a ‘gesture of goodwill.’

She added: “I don’t drink wine, so that’s no good to me. I just think they need to take it more seriously than they are doing.”

The woman believes that the chocolate bar – which wasn’t part of her order – was dropped into the bag by accident by a packer at the store or warehouse.

"I understand people can get peckish,” she added, “and I am guessing whoever has been doing the packing has dropped it in by accident but it’s not acceptable.”

She says she threw away the rest of the bag, which contained crisps, bananas and other food items after making the discovery.

And in the hours afterwards, she says she sent a number of emails and made a number of phone calls to Iceland’s customer services department demanding compensation.

“They told me that compensation is out of the question and a voucher is the best they can do. They also told me they will investigate what happened but won’t be able to tell me an outcome.

She added: “It’s the principle of the thing really. You don’t expect to find something so disgusting in your shopping.”

We have contacted Iceland for comment.