Isle voting for MEPS takes place

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Polling stations are open across the Isle until 10pm tonight, as voting for six members of the European Parliament representing Yorkshire and Humberside takes place.

Three current Yorkshire and Humberside MEPs are among those seeking re-election to the 766-strong parliament for the next five years; namely Labour’s Linda McAvan, Lib Dem Edward McMillan-Scott and Conservative Timothy Kirkhope. There are 57 candidates standing.

Electors vote for a party rather than a candidate, with the proportion of the vote achieved by each party determining how many of their candidates are elected. In 2009 the opposition Conservatives were first, returning two MEPs, Labour came second but with just one MEP, UKIP came third with one member and the Liberal Democrats fourth with one MEP. The British National Party won a seat, one of two their party secured nationally.

Former UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom became independent in the European Parliament but remained a UKIP member after he was suspended by the party late last year for blunders including a reference to “bongo-bongo land” and a joke that the “women in politics” conference fringe meeting was “full of sluts” who did not clean behind their fridges.