Isle talent adds musical wonder to Indian spectacle

Lorie and Jason Gardner of Epworth on stage.
Lorie and Jason Gardner of Epworth on stage.

A brand new musical that is gracing a stage in Doncaster next month has a talented husband and wife duo from Epworth as part of its creative team.

Lorie, 42, and Jason Gardner, 51, who work at South Yorkshire firm Electro Music have been working on sensual and cultural songs for Indika – a vibrant, foot tapping, high energy Indian spectacle that promises to be a feast for the senses – for four years.

The couple first met with producers when they randomly walked into the popular music store and asked for advice on finding the perfect team to create stunning songs to accompany the narrative of the show.

Lorie takes up the story: “We have been involved from the very start of the Indika creation and immensely proud of that fact. Creating the songs for the Indian show has been a challenge, mainly with the language barriers but through music anything can be achieved even if it meant a lot of nodding and thumbs up between us and the Indian artistes.

“We originally wanted to get involved after talking with the creators and understanding their vision and how they perceived the show to be made.

“Music is our life and we are very passionate about it. This came across in how the team were describing the show. The excitement in their eyes was infectious. How could we say no?”

The universal colourful and educational spectacle will be performed at Cast in Doncaster on September 26 and will run until October 5.

For the Isle duo, it’s not the first time they have been involved with a stage performance, the couple feature in a band called Saint Harlots and travel the region performing cover songs and also original rock music. Lorie is the singer and Jason is lead guitarist.

“I’m very proud to be only one of just three western singers on the songs featured in Indika, alongside my daughter Jessica and good friend Colin Robinson and I thoroughly enjoyed creating and singing the songs that are typically out of my comfort zone and in a totally different style, Lorie continued.

“Now the music is finished, our last studio session was filled with mixed emotions, elation of finishing such an in-depth project but also sadness that the recording was over.

“I now, just can’t wait to see the whole masterpiece brought together on stage in front of my eyes. The show encompasses the story of ancient India, a love story and the magic of Disney - with a live band playing throughout.”

For more details or to book tickets which start at £18.50 visit or the CAST website.