Isle’s PCC in bid to stop sexual violence against children

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Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Grove is lending his weight to a taskforce formed to tackle sexual violence against children.

Mr Grove is the first PCC to join the Home Office’s National Taskforce on Sexual Violence against Children and Vulnerable Adults, that will use findings from recent inquiries into historic sexual abuse, and adopt a multi-agency approach to try and prevent sexual violence occurring.

Leading figures from charities and criminal justice agencies are joined by senior civil servants from government departments and senior police officers within the taskforce.

Mr Grove said: “I was keen to join the task force, not just because it fits in with the objectives in my Police and Crime Plan. As a father of three children, I share every parent’s revulsion at these types of crime.

“I have seen that there is a huge amount of work being done by the police and partners, including the voluntary sector through organisations like Barnardos, to do more to protect the most vulnerable people in our society from sexual abuse and exploitation.

“In the past we have sometimes been guilty of policing to communities, whereas these days the emphasis is placed on policing with them. We are already doing great work in the Humber region to prevent these crimes, and must continue to empower people to protect themselves and know where to go for help if they become a victim.

“I’m pleased to be the first PCC to join this committee, which is a response to the obvious failures of the past we have seen in our national headlines recently, and I will continue to work with the police and our partners to improve the protection of the most valuable members of society, our children and vulnerable adults.”