Isle residents urged to get off to a good start with Dry January

A second public meeting will take place in Harrogate next Tuesday (
A second public meeting will take place in Harrogate next Tuesday (

Give yourself a break from the booze and take part in Dry January; it could save you money and most importantly improve your health.

North Lincolnshire Council's Safer Neighbourhoods team is encouraging people to take part in the nationwide campaign Dry January in an attempt to make the UK’s health better.

Last year over two million people took part in Dry January and this year sets to look even bigger.

Dry January takes part over the full 31 days of the month and by taking part you could save money, lose weight and feel more energized.

There are safe drinking recommendations already in place to ensure people don’t drink too much. It is recommended men drink no more than three to four units a day and women two to three units with at least two alcohol-free days a week.

Research suggests that 7.5 million people are unaware of the damage their drinking could be causing. The liver breaks down most alcohol and drinking too much, too regularly can cause problems with the liver including cirrhosis and hepatitis.

Drinking above the recommended daily amount regularly can also lead to stomach ulcers, raised blood pressure and a number of different types of brain damage.

Not only will cutting out the booze improve your general health, it could even help you lose weight. Alcohol is high in sugar. A pint of lager has as many calories as a large slice of pizza and a glass of wine can have as many calories as four cookies.

It takes a good 34 minute run to burn off just half a bottle of wine.

As it stands alcohol misuse costs England around £21 billion per year in healthcare, crime and lost productivity costs. In 2012-2011 it was reported that alcohol-related crime costs the UK £11 billion per year.

Significant benefits including weight loss, better sleep, and more money mean taking part in Dry January is a great way to start off your 2016. Take up the challenge, banish the booze and feel like a new you; what have you got to lose?

Cllr Carl Sherwood, cabinet member for Customer Service, Sport and Leisure, said: “Dry January is a worthwhile cause to make you feel healthier and happier. After the holiday season we all feel sluggish and taking part in Dry January can make you feel much more energetic. It’s a great way to start off the New Year to lead to a healthier, happier new you.”

For more information or if you are concerned about your drinking contact Stepforward on 0808 143 0640 or email