Isle preschool in danger of closing

An Isle preschool is in danger of closing leaving dozens of parents without childcare unless a new chairman can be found.

Monday, 19th March 2018, 9:03 am
Updated Monday, 19th March 2018, 9:05 am
Epworth Thurlow Preschool is in danger of closing

Volunteers and staff at Epworth Thurlow Preschool say the loss of the facility would be “devastating” to the community and are appealing for a new chairman to come forward before it’s too late.

Treasurer Evonne Fisher who has been on the committee for seven years said: “It is a big part of the community and has been around for over 20 years, to lose it would be devastating to the community.

“We can’t continue to run without a chair, we have informed Ofsted and we do have a window of time to get someone in place but if no one comes forward before the Easter holidays it’s not looking good.

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“Parents have got faith in us to keep it going but it is a worrying time for us.

“The role would suit someone who is retired and has spare time to give, someone from an education background would be at an advantage.”

The chairman of the preschool, that currently has 21 children between the ages of two and four who attend, stepped down in January as he no longer had time to dedicate to the role.

Jennifer Rignall who has been volunteering for over a year at the Station Road preschool said; “We’re hoping someone in the local community will take an interest in our cause as the community really needs the preschool to stay open there won’t be the capacity at other childcare facilities in the nearby area for the children who attend if it closes.

“My three and a half year old son Charlie goes there and he loves it, he’s really come out of himself since going and made good friends.

“I’m hoping my 16 month old daughter Chloe can go there when she is old enough if it closed it would be such a shame it is such a big part of the whole community.”

This is not the first time the future of the preschool has been put in jeopardy. Last February arsonists set the building on fire and the community rallied round to help keep the facility going.

n A meeting will be held at the preschool on Monday March 26 at 8pm anyone interested in the role can go along or call 01427 875016.