Isle parents urged to get their kids active

Most kids love running around and having fun.

Wednesday, 5th August 2015, 9:08 am
Councillor Rob Waltham

If you have children who are five and above then they need at least 60 minutes of exercise every day, something that gets their heart beating a bit faster and maybe even makes them sweat a little too! Physical activity increases their lung capacity, strengthens their joints, keeps their heart healthy and helps them to burn off some of their excess energy and maintain a healthy weight.

Dr Margaret Sanderson, a local GP and chair of North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group, explained: “Youngsters have physical activity built into their day at school and it’s important to keep this going during the holidays, especially the long summer holiday. Physical activity such as running around and playing not only helps them to maintain a healthy weight now, it will also teach them to enjoy healthy habits that can last a lifetime.”

There are some great ideas on the NHS Change4Life website to get them on their feet that are either free or cost very little and your kids will love some of the activities. Who knows, older children or teenagers in the family might even step away from the games console for a bit and join in!

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10 Minute Shake Ups Click here have been designed to get young children moving with the help of their favourite Disney characters and they can follow their progress online so they don’t have to completely put away the computer or tablet.

There are also lots of ideas to help busy families include a bit more physical activity in their daily lives even if they don’t have time to regularly plan anything special. For example, if you’re only buying a few bits, think about leaving the car at home and walking to the shop, or if the trip is too far then why not park a little further away than usual. Carrying shopping to the car is also good exercise and the kids can help with that too.

Councillor Rob Waltham (pictured), cabinet member for Health and Strategic Projects, said: “Children need to regularly take part in physical activities to ensure they are healthy. This can be something fun for all the family to take part in, such as a game of rounders or football. The 10 Minute Shake Up is also a fun way for children to exercise and it’s easy to follow. We hope this will encourage more children to spend less time on their computer games and watching TV, and instead join in the fun and games with 10 Minute Shake Up.

“Physical activity should be part of every child’s daily activities. North Lincolnshire council provides a wide range of positive and sporting activities for children and young people, including free swimming throughout the summer, please view for more details.”

Make physical activity part of your child’s day and why not join in yourself!