Isle of Axholme residents urged to help cops to ‘beat the burglar’

Isle residents are being urged to help police to bring thieves to justice by registering their possessions with a free property marking scheme.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 18th August 2015, 7:00 am
CRIME: Crime scene.
CRIME: Crime scene.

Members of the public are advised to register their valuables with

Any registered items which are stolen can then be viewed by officers using the police national property database the NMPR.

The system also alerts all UK police forces and second hand dealers if your property is stolen.

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A spokesman for Humberside Police said this makes it easier to track down stolen items and ultimately to catch the perpetrators.

He added: “Crime has fallen over the last five years; however the force still deals with a large number of offences where the victims of crime are unable to give sufficient descriptions of items, which makes it difficult to find the property or identify if the police recover it from thieves.

“By registering any type of property, including laptops, mobiles, camera’s, televisions, cycles, consoles, etc, all UK police forces and registered second hand dealers will be informed if your property is stolen. Then if it is offered to dealers or comes in contact with the police it can be identified as stolen and returned to you. Property registered on the site is already being recovered from burglars and those involved in handling stolen goods which is also assisting in bringing them to justice.“

PC Andy Allen, crime reduction officer, said: “Burglars, thieves and people involved in the handling of stolen goods don’t want property linking them to offences. By making property easily identifiable as stolen it makes it easier to bring them to justice.

“Officers check all property recovered for any evidence of property marking and check to see if property is registered as stolen.“

So if the public use the marking pens or register online today, they can assist us greatly in spotting those people involved in criminality.”

Police are also working closely with second hand dealers to assist in checking for stolen property, along with the registration of items at the point of sales in some cycle and phone stores in Humberside.