Isle MP most active in the region

Isle MP Andrew Percy, speaking in the House of Commons.
Isle MP Andrew Percy, speaking in the House of Commons.

New independent research has confirmed that Isle MP Andrew Percy is the most active parliamentarian in North Lincolnshire.

The research, which tracks how often MPs have spoken in Parliament and the number of words spoken by them, has confirmed Andrew to be the top performing MP in both North Lincolnshire and across the Humber as a whole.

No MP on either side of the Humber has made more contributions to parliamentary debates since the 2010 election than Mr Percy who has so far chalked up 536 contributions in the House of Commons. He also finished top in North Lincolnshire with the number of words spoken in Parliament since 2010 with a total of 83,157 words spoken.

He said: “I said when I was elected that I planned to make sure that the voice of constituents in the Brigg and Goole and Isle of Axholme constituency would be heard at Westminster. That is why I make an active effort to be in the chamber as often as possible to ensure the voice of our area is heard loud and clear.

“Most of my contributions are about local issues and they really do seem to have made a difference. By standing up and fighting on the issues that matter to local people, I have been able to help secure extra money for flood defences, additional money for schools in North Lincs, more money for broadband roll-out, as well as positive actions to help the local economy.

“As well as being one of the most vocal MPs, I have also been one of the most independently-minded, voting against my own side when local people tell me they think the Government has got it wrong. So whilst my own party may not have liked all of my 83,000 plus words spoken in the chamber, I hope local people have.”