Isle MP meets community regeneration group

Isle MP Meets the Crowle and Ealand Regen Group
Isle MP Meets the Crowle and Ealand Regen Group

An Isle MP has met with a community regeneration group after helping to secure £3,000 in funding towards the groups community booklet.

MP Andrew Percy joined councillors Julie Reed and John Briggs for a meeting with the Crowle and Ealand Regen Group after Andrew and his team helped to secure £3,000 in funding towards the Group’s quarterly community booklet.

The Crowle and Ealand Regeneration Group raise money through their charity shop in Crowle and then invest in projects in the town and village.

They provide a wide range of services such as the Christmas brass band carol concert, the Regen Way, organised walks and maintenance of the route, flower displays and community planting, children’s craft events at the Crowle Market and many more.

The group also always support national events locally such as the recent Royal Wedding and enter into the spirit of the occasion with window dressing the shop.

Following the visit, Councillor Julie Reed said, “Myself and John Briggs are very appreciative of the hard work that goes on day by day in the Regen Shop and were especially pleased to meet up with volunteers and thank them for their successful efforts in improving our area for our residents, it’s a project that is well-supported by the community as they can see the real difference they make locally.”

Speaking about the visit MP Andrew Percy added: “It was a pleasure to meet the Crowle and Ealand Regen Group. I’m really glad that we were able to help them secure £3,000 in funding.

“Tracey, Anne, Lisa and the Group do a great job raising money for local projects.

“The community benefits enormously from their hard work and dedication and I wish them all the best for the future.”

Crowle and Ealand Regeneration Group Ltd, staffed by volunteers, provides a valued service for the community. The second hand shop recycles donated goods and with the profits made help to support local organisations and undertake improvement projects within the area.

To find out more about the group or to find out how you can get involved visit Crowle and Ealand Regeneration Project Ltd on Facebook or contact 01724 712221.