Isle girls’ fantastic fundraising

Lifestyle Challenge winners are (l to r) Casey Jarvis, 12, Rubi Salisbury, 12, Jessica Burgin, 11, Ayva Hunt, 11.
Lifestyle Challenge winners are (l to r) Casey Jarvis, 12, Rubi Salisbury, 12, Jessica Burgin, 11, Ayva Hunt, 11.

Great efforts by four Isle girls have raised a cash sum of almost £1,400 for a charity close to their hearts.

As part of a Lifestyle Challenge run by Humberside police, four pals from Westwoodside planned to raise cash for good causes, then got busy with an eight miles litter pick, and bake sales.

The 11 and 12-year olds who were all pupils at Westwoodside Primary but are now at South Axholme Academy, raised a  grand sum for the Kinder Appeal charity, that helps children with kidney disorders.

They were aware of the work of the charity because group member Jessica Burgin’s cousin Daniel Calow, who is a schoolfriend of all the girls. has a kidney condition and has received support from Kinder himself.

Jessica’s mum, Susanna Burgin, explained: “The girls decided unanimously that they wanted to support Kinder, as they have seen Daniel go through his surgery and treatment over the years, so they did a litter pick from Westwoodside to Epworth and back in the summer.

“They raised £1,389 for Kinder, and £85 by bake sales for the Tia Rescue and Isle Rescue as they are also all animal lovers. By collecting litter they were helping the community too.”

The girls’ success was all the more praiseworthy as they were targeted with hard boiled sweets thrown at them from a passing car as they did their litter pick, and did suffer some injury.

“They were all just amazing,” added Mrs Burgin.

“They were totally determined to do this, and were shocked at the amount of litter there was, and cleared as much as possible as they know it’s a danger to animals, apart from anything else.”

Proceeds from their efforts have now been handed over to the charities. Because the girls did so well, they were chosen as prizewinners in the Lifestyle Challenge and will enjoy a trip to Flamingo Land later this year.

Darren Calow, Daniel's father, who also lives in Westwoodside, and fundraises for the Kinder Appeal himself, said: “What the kids have done is awesome.”

A cheque was presented to a Kinder representative in a small ceremony held recently at the Carpenter’s Arms, Westwoodside.