Is this Sheffield woman the worst cook in Britain?

"Disaster Chef" Jenny Lawson.
"Disaster Chef" Jenny Lawson.

A Sheffield woman whose burnt cakes were described as looking like Tarmac has been named as one of Britain's most clueless cooks.

Jenny Lawson, a trainee dentist, has been chosen as one of the ten finalists in Disaster Chef - a contest to find the country's most incompetent cooks.

She was nominated for a place in the final of the contest by her partner - after an attempt at baking macaroons went disastrously wrong.

A spokesman for contest organisers Kenwood said: "Even though Jenny loves cooking, her attempts don’t seem to turn out how she plans.

"The most notorious disaster bake was an attempt to make black macaroons; these soon resembled tarmac once in the oven.

"Not to be defeated, Jenny tried again with pink macaroons, but alas, even though they were pink, this ended in the exact same result."

Jenny has agreed to take part in the competition to prove to her partner that she is not a ‘disaster chef’ and hopes to learn a few tricks so she can take the lead in the kitchen.

The ten self-proclaimed ‘disastrous chefs’ have either nominated themselves or from friends and families who have suffered too many times when their loved ones are in the kitchen.

Jenny will battle it out against nine others to help her become a domestic goddess.

Kenwood has provided them with a starter pack including a Kenwood Chef Titanium - worth £599, apron and a weekly home food delivery as well as posting weekly tutorials online to help the aspiring chefs with their weekly challenge.

Jenny’s journey can be followed on where people can watch her cooking skills and confidence grow over the next five weeks, and see whether she will be one of three finalists going head to head in the Disaster Chef final.

Raymond Blanc OBE, Michelin-Star chef, author and television rersonality, said: “Gastronomy is all about creating new tastes, learning new skills and experimenting.

"It’s exactly what we’re doing with the Kenwood Disaster Chef Competition - helping less confident cooks connect with food and feed their creativity.

"We want to equip beginners with the basic tools for cooking and watch them build upon these skills to create delicious dishes, using their own imagination.

"My own curiosity to learn about food began as a very young child in France and I have not stopped learning since. That is the magic of food.”

She is battling it out for a place in the final November 5 at AVEQIA London, where the finalists will compete for a prize package in front of a judging panel which includes Raymond Blanc.