"Inspirational" Doncaster teacher named as one of best in Britain after former pupil puts her up for award

An "inspirational" Doncaster teacher has been named as one of the best in Britain after being nominated by a former pupil.

Thursday, 11th May 2017, 12:26 pm
Updated Thursday, 11th May 2017, 3:56 pm
Pupil Charlotte Green (left) nominated teacher Ceri Boyle (right) for the award.

Ceri Boyle, formerly head of English at Ridgewood School, has been honoured by Oxford University for the role she played for one of her former students.

Ceri, who has since moved to Pontefract New College, was nominated by current Oxford student and former Ridgewood pupil Charlotte Green and was one of ten state school teachers recognised in the annual Inspirational Teachers Awards.

Pupil Charlotte Green nominated her teacher for the top honour.

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Ceri said: "I was really overwhelmed to receive the award.

"I have always seen teaching as a huge privilege and have been so lucky to work with some incredible young people over the years.

"Being part of Charlotte’s journey to Oxford was a genuine pleasure. She was a delight to teach and I am really grateful that she felt I deserved this recognition.

"I just love my job and feel that every student deserves the best possible chance to meet their potential."

Former Ridgewood teacher Ceri Boyle.

Charlotte, 19, from Bentley, is studying English Literature and Language at Merton College, Oxford.

She said: "I nominated Ceri for this award for many reasons – the main one being that she deserved it, and another important one being that teachers should get recognition when they help someone achieve something they were convinced was impossible.

"For me, the impossible notion was getting into Oxford.

"Without the support from Ceri, I likely would have abandoned my hopes of getting in for the reason that “kids from my area don’t go to places like Oxford”. Now I know that we can, and that other people I care about could have a future at somewhere like Oxford University too.

Pupil Charlotte Green nominated her teacher for the top honour.

"While I did have lots of support from my family, there is a unique aspect of having a teacher who can give you all of the right platforms and advice to work with when going through the application stages.

"Were it not for Ceri, my confidence, my references and my motivation would likely have wavered despite how much it meant for me to get here. Ceri is one of the hardest working people I know, and she is a dedicated and phenomenal teacher. She is the kind of woman these awards are made for."

The Inspirational Teachers scheme recognises the crucial role teachers and careers advisers play in encouraging talented students in their schools or colleges.

A selection of current first-year Oxford undergraduates were asked to nominate teachers or careers advisers who inspired them to apply to Oxford, fostered their passion for a particular subject, or supported them through the application process. The students were all from selected UK state schools or colleges with a limited history and tradition of sending students to Oxford.

Former Ridgewood teacher Ceri Boyle.

The winning teachers will receive their awards at a ceremony held at Oxford’s St Peter’s College on Friday 19 May.