Infant school issues warning over reports of six year old given ‘legal high’

A selection of legal highs
A selection of legal highs

Staff at a Doncaster infant school have issued a warning to parents following reports of a six-year-old child being given a legal high substance in a sherbert straw sweet.

The incident reported in the Askern area has been raised at a safeguarding meeting prompting junior schools in the area to take action.

A text message was sent to parents of children who attend Norton Infant school alerting them to the incident.

The text read: “Be aware that a legal high drug called ‘spice’ has been reported in Askern and given to a child as young as six in the form of a sherbet straw type sweet.”

A concerned parent contacted the paper after receiving the text message.

Reports are circulating on Facebook alleging the child was rushed to hospital after taking the legal high substance in Askern.

Spice is a laboratory-created cannabis substitute said by some experts to be up to 100 times as potent as the drug it mimics.

Director of Public Health Dr Rupert Suckling said: “We are concerned to hear reports of novel psychoactive substances – NPS – being offered to young people in Doncaster and will continue to work with teachers, governors, pupils and parents across the borough to raise awareness of the dangers.

“We discourage the use of NPS and are committed to doing everything we can to tackle this difficult problem using the powers at our disposal.

“We have worked hard to tackle the use of NPS in Doncaster, in partnership with South Yorkshire Police and others.”

A police spokesman said the incident had not been reported to them but they would encourage anyone who had information to contact them on 101.

The incident comes after it was revealed in the month of March alone, a total of 10 people were hospitalised after collapsing in Doncaster town centre from taking legal highs.

Police officers say tackling the use of legal highs, substances which can imitate the effects of illegal drugs like cocaine and ecstasy but have been altered to make them within the law, is one of their top priorities because it is a ‘catalyst’ for anti-social behaviour across the borough – particularly in the town centre.