Increase in car thefts

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South Yorkshire Police logo

KEEP vehicle keys out of sight in the home, or risk losing your car, police are warning.

Rotherham cops have issued the warning, following an increase in the theft of cars from around the area.

Offenders break in to homes to steal car keys, which have been left unattended and are openly on view.

High value vehicles are most at risk, and the Audi is the most popular choice of thieves. As these cars are virtually impossible to steal, criminals break into houses to seek out keys. Chris Squires, Crime Reduction Officer for Rotherham and Barnsley, said. “We are doing everything we can to prevent and detect these type of offences. A third of these burglaries have been committed using the lock snapping method while other methods have been sneak-in and fishing through the letterbox.

“I would urge the public to assist us by keeping their homes secure, as it only takes a second to sneak-in and steal car keys, remove car keys from view and where possible take them upstairs to bed.”

Other precautions include replacing any Euro Lock Cylinders with a Sold Secure Diamond tested and approved anti-snapping/bumping euro cylinder. And fitting a tested and approved anti-theft product to your vehicle (e.g. Bulldog Euroclamp EM 500 SS) to act as a physical deterrent. Police advice is to use this device at all times, especially overnight while parked on or near your drive.