In the Saddle: My fourth emergency service

I've recently recovered from an injured shoulder which required a procedure carried out at hospital, but with three horses now it was too much to ask my eight year old to muck out and look after them before in rode the cavalry so to speak in the form of my fourth emergency service - Natalie Roberts.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 4th March 2017, 9:00 am

Natalie is my life line when I'm injured. She first helped me out when I needed a knee operation a few years back. I call her my groom but this is actually doing her a dis-service as she's way more than that - she's a fully qualified BHS instructor, which they now call 'Accredited Coaches'.

I first met Natalie during a break from horses, where she was initially instructing at Grove House Stables. Once I got my own horse, April, I kept in touch via email and Facebook but it was when I needed someone trustworthy to exercise April from my knee injury that she offered.

Knowing Natalie from before meant I could trust her hacking and schooling my precious mare and I think our mutual love for April helped transform our relationship.

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Since she had spent the best part of three months helping muck out and ride my horse we continued lessons after with her helping me to get back in the saddle and regain strength and fitness.

The same has just happened with my shoulder. She provides such brilliant support and also now she does my holiday livery, something I feel confident about leaving the horses with her. I'd say the only downside to Natalie is she tells me off for trying to get back in the saddle before I am officially allowed, but that's really quite sensible of her!

I'd highly recommend Natalie for a whole range of training right from regaining confidence to preparing for competitions, plus holiday cover for horses, including chickens and other outdoor animals. If you want to get in touch with her call her on 07919151770. I love her.