'˜I was a cocky s***:' Doncaster pop star Louis Tomlinson looks back as he returns to The X-Factor

Doncaster pop star Louis Tomlinson has said that he was '˜a cocky little s***' when he first auditioned on The X-Factor as he prepares to return to the show as a judge tomorrow night.

Friday, 31st August 2018, 3:01 pm
Doncaster pop star Louis Tomlinson says he has matured since his first appearance on The X-Factor in 2010. (Photos: ITV/Syco)

Louis, 26, will return to the show that launched his career in 2010 as one of the new judges on the ITV favourite which will be back on air at 8pm tomorrow.

But in an exclusive interview with The Sun, he says he has matured from the teenager he was when he first auditioned before going on to find worldwide fame with boy band sensations One Direction.

Since finishing third on the show eight years ago, he has become a dad and has also suffered the loss of his mum Johannah Deakin.

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He said that he has changed '“ but still retains his Doncaster roots.

 'Look, behind closed doors I still like to be a chav and a bit reckless, but I also feel a real responsibility,' he said.

He added: 'I'm conscious about the way I've changed in the eight years since I was on the show. I've grown up fast, because I now have a lot of responsibility on my shoulders.

'I've always been quite thick-skinned and I owe that to where I come from but also growing up in the industry, which is a very humbling thing.

'When I first came into the band, or when I was 17 say, a year before the band, I was a cocky little s***.

'After everything that's happened to me, I've quietened down a bit. The experiences I've had have forced me to grow up fast. I mean, I can still party. I'd still drink you under the table, don't worry about that.'

He will be giving his verdict on wannabe pop stars along with fellow new judges Robbie Williams and wife Ayda Field and long-standing stalwart judge Simon Cowell.