‘I’ll be a different fighter in Kameda rematch’ - McDonnell

Jamie McDonnell
Jamie McDonnell

The opponent may be the same but Jamie McDonnell says he will be a different fighter when he renews acquaintances with Tomoki Kameda next month, writes Liam Hoden.

McDonnell will once again defend his WBA bantamweight title against Kameda in Texas on September 6, after outpointing the Japanese fighter in May.

Since then McDonnell has switched trainers, moving from Lindholme-based Dave Hulley to join Rotherham’s Dave Coldwell, who also acts as his manager.

And he expects a noticeable difference to his fight style when he steps into the ring in Corpus Christi.

“I’d like to think people will see a change,” McDonnell told the Free Press.

“I watched some of the sparring back and I could see a difference. It’s really starting to come now, the things we’ve been working on.

“Hopefully it all falls into place and I look good and feel good in there.”

McDonnell’s split with Hulley was done on good terms, coming after the original fight with Kameda.

Hulley’s crippling fear of flying prevented him from boarding the plane to travel to Texas, with Coldwell stepping in to complete the final fortnight of training in the Lone Star State as well as corner work.

While the switch to Coldwell was organic rather than down to an argument, McDonnell believes it came at the ideal time to give his career a shot in the arm.

“It’s good, it’s a new challenge,” he said. “It’s enjoyable trying different ways and we’re enjoying it.

“It’s technical stuff that’s different. He’s teaching us how to sit down and roll into shots.

“It’s his way. People have their ways and this is his way.

“We’ve been used to Dave Hulley’s way, he’s taught us his stuff. Every trainer has a different style and how he does it.

“We went down with his strength and conditioning geezer. It’s a bit more with the weights, not too big, but weight sessions. A lot of it is hard to explain but it’s all good stuff.”

McDonnell will travel to Texas on Saturday to acclimatise to the surroundings and finish the final fortnight of his training camp.

The fight will be broadcast on Sky Sports, likely to be around 9pm.