Hundreds object to plans for 650 homes on Doncaster fields

Proposals for a controversial scheme to build 650 homes in fields in Doncaster could be approved today - despite hundreds of objections.

Tuesday, 18th October 2016, 7:47 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 6:46 pm
The proposed site on Mere Lane between Armthorpe and Edenthorpe where 650 houses are to be built. Picture: Andrew Roe

Plans which go before Doncaster councillors would see 650 new houses built to the east of Mere Lane, in Edenthorpe.

But official documents released ahead of the Doncaster Council planning committee meeting revealed that of 273 representations made over the plans, 268 have been to register opposition to the scheme.

Despite this, Doncaster Council planning officers are recommending that the scheme is approved.

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Edenthorpe Parish Council is among the organisations objecting.

Parish Councillor, Andrea Robinson, says she understands local people’s frustrations.She said: “They feel overwhelmed by the scale of this development. It is not going to be built overnight.

“The biggest concern is that this is an absolutely major building project that will alter the character of the village.

“But also, it’s going to take around 10 years to construct, which is a long time to live near a building site.”

Edenthorpe Parish Council’s official objections to the planning committee also included a worry over ‘increasing reliance on car usage’ which would put the ‘local transport network under strain’.

They also feel that the planned estate would be ‘inaccessible to wider facilities’.

Coun Robinson said: “This is an isolated island of development. The people who end up living in these houses will be residents of Edenthorpe in name only.”

As the plans stand, residents would have to drive around the perimeter of the estate in order to access the facilities at the heart of the town.

“They won’t truly be a part of it.” said Coun Robinson. “There is one sole point of entry to the estate, so if you think that there could quite conceivably be more than one car owner per home, then that is a considerable traffic increase too.”

Encroaching urbanisation is another concern, as similar schemes in the area could lead to a narrowing of the boundaries between Edenthorpe and Armthorpe.

But Coun Robinson is not in favour of completely abandoning the project.

She said: “I recognise we need more houses in Doncaster. We’ve also go a lot of people on job seekers allowance that would benefit from jobs in construction.

“There are many problems that need ironing out if this development is to go ahead, but I can understand the residents of Edenthorpe who are opposed to the project altogether.”

Aside from these environmental concerns there is also the issue of overcrowded schools in the area.

The planning committee meeting is at 2pm on Tuesday.

A facebook group called ‘Edenthorpe residents against 650 new homes’ has been set up opposing the scheme. It posted: “We need to stand together on this.”

A report before Doncaster Council states: “The proposed development is considered to be acceptable on balance. Although the site falls within the Countryside Policy Area, new major housing growth is required.”

“The Main Urban Area of Doncaster is the main focus for growth and regeneration. Therefore, development of this site would contribute to meeting the housing target for the Main Urban Area of Doncaster.

But officials have proposed that developers should pay nearly £900,000 towards making the A30 West Moor Link into a dual carriageway, and more tan £700,000 towards new primary school places.