Huge sonic booms rock South Yorkshire as military jets scrambled to intercept airliner

An RAF Typhoon. (Photo: Wikipedia)
An RAF Typhoon. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Military jets were scrambled in the skies above Doncaster tonight to intercept an airliner.

People all over Doncaster and large swathes of northern England reported hearing two huge rumbling noises shortly after 9.45pm.

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The Royal Air Force has confirmed the noises were caused by sonic booms created by Typhoon fighter jets scrambled to intercept a Citijet flight from Paris into Newcastle Airport after it lost contact. The decision to scramble the planes was taken after the aircraft was asked twice to confirm its position with no response.

The planes have a top speed of 1,550mph and are used in Britain's first line of defence.

Kathleen Ruston said: "2 military aircraft just gone over Thorne heading west, creating 2 sonic booms. Frightened us and our cats to death!"

The noise was heard all over Doncaster, from Thorne to Bessacarr and Scawsby and Armthorpe and even as far as field as Leeds. People in other parts of West Yorkshire also reported hearing the noise and it was understood to have been heard across a radius of more than 100 miles.

Josh Blinman tweeted: "QRA Typhoon from RAF Coninsgby has caused two major sonic booms throughout Yorkshire this evening."

RAF Coningsby tweeted: "Various reports of sonic booms coming in from Doncaster/Leeds area as the QRA typhoons flew over."

QRA stands for Quick Reaction Alert - when planes are scrambled in an emergency as a security alert or to intercept aircraft in British airspace.

Emergency services were deluged with calls from worried residents as car alarms and houses were shook by the noise. South Yorkshire Police, West Yorkshire Police and other emergency services were all forced to issue statements to reassure residents.