Huge opposition to massive house building plan and new primary school proposed on Doncaster/Nottinghamshire border

A huge development consisting of hundreds of homes and a new primary school near Doncaster has caused mass objections.

Thursday, 10th May 2018, 2:17 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th May 2018, 3:56 pm
The location where Barrett Homes want to build 650 homes north and west of Harworth which borders Doncaster

Barrett Homes wants to build 650 homes north of Harworth running along the border between Doncaster and Bassetlaw.

The applicant wants to build 161 homes in the first stage of development along with new a public open space, a new primary school, landscaping and associated infrastructure such as new residential roads.

The development falls just over the Doncaster boundary into Nottinghamshire. The applicant had to consult Doncaster Council as the scheme involves a new access road from Tickhill Road.

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But the proposals have caused wide-scale objections from residents and reservations from Harworth & Bircotes Town Council.

Bassetlaw Council has received 54 formal objections with just three supporting the proposal.

Roy Sykes from Doncaster Council's planning department, penned a letter to neighbouring Bassetlaw Council asking for a 'holding objection' until a 'working solution' could be agreed.

He said a transport assessment on Tickhill Road has identified 'capacity problems at junctions' and 'no mitigation' was offered.

One Harworth resident who objected to the plan, said: "This village will simply become a total and utter commuter village to serve larger towns and bring no real viable meaningful jobs to Harworth and Bircotes and ultimately the new homes will be for outsiders who will be happy to commute to Sheffield, Leeds and Doncaster.

"The peak travel times will be madness on roads, roundabouts and junctions not designed to handle the huge increase in traffic."

Another resident said: "Good luck to anyone getting a doctors appointment in a few years time once the size of the village is doubled when already today waiting times are now in the weeks to see a GP.

"I believe over development of my village will destroy it as i currently know it.

"The village is not suitable for development as we do not have the infrastructure or jobs to accommodate the huge increase in population. The car parking at the two small supermarkets is already pushed to the safety limits and such a large increase in housing will strain the services and amenities to breaking point."