How will Doncaster Council make new cinema work financially?

New cinema complexNew cinema complex
New cinema complex
Interested to read of Doncaster Council's decision to spend £10m of local authority money on a new cinema and restaurants in Waterdale. Developer Muse ditched the cinema build idea in 2014 as '˜couldn't make it work financially'.

How on earth are Doncaster Council going to make it work financially? Saying it will generate 100 jobs and bring in £530,000 in business rates is only likely if there is any business!

Cinema audiences are capitulating as people switch to the many film streaming sites to watch at home on their massive TVs. Restaurants are closing and going bust at an alarming rate and the empty modern retail units in already in Waterdale tell their own story.

Doncaster Council needs some new business brains not ones that are buried in the coal dust from bygone years.

Tom LawsonToll Bar, Doncaster