How Jamie Vardy helped Darren Ferguson perfect his Doncaster Rovers sales pitch

Darren Ferguson
Darren Ferguson

An encounter with a Premier League winning striker led to Darren Ferguson formulating the lauded style of meeting he uses to this day to woo players.

Every signing Ferguson has made since his arrival at Doncaster Rovers has spoken highly of his meticulous sales pitch and the lengths to which he goes to entice players to the club.

And it turns out the inspiration for his pitch came from an England international.

“Actually, it was when I met Jamie Vardy,” Ferguson told the Free Press.

“I found out Cardiff had done it with him years ago.

“It was a real turning point for me and I’ve done it ever since.

“You live and learn.”

So, how do the initial meetings with potential targets go?

“What we do, we speak to them about why we’re there and why we’re interested,” he said.

“Then I show them a video presentation of all the different formations we play, where they’d fit into where we play and what position.

“Then it’s about the philosophy of how I want to play.

“And then we show them examples of that and show examples of how they’ve done it themselves.

“At the end of it, I think it helps.

“I think it adds value to the player when he knows why and how much interest the club has in him.

“I’ve always had decent feedback from it.”