Houses missing from HS2 map

Residents on two new estates were shocked to discover their homes do not feature on the HS2 company's online map.

Friday, 28th October 2016, 2:05 pm
Updated Monday, 31st October 2016, 8:55 am
A map of the proposed new HS2 route. The new route is in green, the old route in yellow.

Construction on the 200-plot Mexborough Shimmer estate stopped in July after the Chairman of HS2 recommended the Government run a high-speed railway through the town.

Sir David Higgins estimated that changing the route from the previously favoured Meadowhall site would save the company £1bn.

But the estate, where building started in 2012, is not marked on HS2’s Conisbrough-Ryhill section of map which is available on the company’s website.

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The map is dated from June 17, three weeks before residents on the Shimmer estate were told their homes could face demolition under the new proposal.

Another estate, that will accommodate more than 400 properties when complete, is also not marked on the same map.

Shimmer residents Rachel and Robert Ridler, both aged 29, of Comelybank Drive, bought their home in 2013.

Rachel, who has sons Samuel, three and Reuben, one, said finding out her home would be bulldozed was a ‘great shock’.

She said: “The estate not being on the map makes me feel as though HS2 have made a mistake. It’s as though they’ve done this route last minute and didn’t know we were here.

“Have they counted the cost of the Shimmer estate in their £1bn savings? If this was a possible route for HS2, why have the developers been allowed to build here?

“The Government push for new housing and now they want to demolish the whole estate.”

Another couple, from Dove Road on the Melton View Estate, 330m from the proposed line, have been told they will not qualify for compensation.

Tina Pashley, aged 38, and partner Graham Gillmore, aged 34, only moved into their new home on two years ago.

Tina said “We like it here but if we got into negative equity we would not be able to sell. I’m upset HS2 think it’s okay to get an old map and just draw a line.

“They don’t care. They want to deliver the project and will do whatever to get it done.”

The map issue is the latest blunder for HS2 in Mexborough. The company previously failed to inform many residents their homes could fall victim to the project.

The proposed new HS2 route, announced in July, would go from Bramley in Rotherham, through The Shimmer Estate in Mexborough before heading to West Yorkshire.

Campaigners in Doncaster took letters and petitions to Doncaster MP Ed Miliband before his meeting with Transport Minister Chris Grayling. HS2 Ltd could not be reached for comment.