Hotel skyscraper bid could still go ahead

Artist's impression of the proposed hotel on Marshgate.
Artist's impression of the proposed hotel on Marshgate.

A DONCASTER businessman’s bid to build a town centre skyscraper may still go head despite initial rejection by planning officers.

Graham Rhoden, owner of the Earl of Doncaster Hotel, applied to build the 300ft tall hotel, apartment and office block on the site of his Warehouse night club next to North Bridge Road.

But his first application for the building, which would have been higher than Doncaster Minster, was refused by Doncaster Council planners.

Mr Rhoden is now looking at a compromise, probably over the height of the structure.

Mr Rhoden’s planning spokesman, Graham Raynor, said the application was “still very much alive”.

He said: “The reason for the refusal was because the council decided they didn’t have sufficient information about it in the time scale allowed, not that it was unacceptable.

“Since then we have had a meeting with them to try and move it forward and we’d like to meet to discuss it further some time in May.

At the time it was submitted Mr Raynor said it would probably be the most challenging town centre application dealt with by the local authority for several years.