Hospital clinical team appointments

Mr Lawrence Roberts.Mr Lawrence Roberts.
Mr Lawrence Roberts.
Two new roles have been appointed to provide additional support for NLaG’s medical director.

Mr Lawrence Roberts, associate medical director for women and children, and Bryony Simpson, associate medical director for community and therapies, have both been appointed as deputy medical directors across the Trust.

They will each spend half a week supporting the Trust’s medical director Dr Mark Withers, to improve engagement with all medical staff, trainees, doctors and consultants as well as supporting all current work in the medical director directorate.

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Mrs Simpson said: “The new role of deputy medical director will increase the visibility and capacity of the medical director’s department to engage with clinicians.

Bryony Simpson.Bryony Simpson.
Bryony Simpson.

“We know that health professionals are eager to be involved in positive service changes and the new role will enable this. The best way to predict the future is to shape it by working together, supporting all of our clinicians.

“My role will also extend to the Trust leadership for allied health professionals and I look forward to working with everyone to realise the talent and potential of all of these professions.”

Across the Trust are a number of clinical leaders who aim to inspire, influence and direct their staff. Mr Roberts is keen to advance on this, he said: “The increased capacity that our appointments give to the role of clinical leadership will allow us more opportunity to deliver the first-class service that we aim to achieve.”

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