Horse cruelty - can you help?

SHOCKING cases of cruelty to horses, occurring particularly around the Don and Dearne, are pressurising the RSPCA.

Large numbers of dead or dying horses and ponies are being dumped in remote spots at a mounting rate.

Recently, the Times reported how an emaciated pony had died on a roadside track near Thurnscoe, to be found by distressed passers-by.

Another malnourished mare became stuck in a river, and her foal perished as it tried to suckle her, at Doncaster.

The RSPCA is caring for 227 horses currently, that were all found in the north of England. Cathy Hyde, equine officer, said: “Irresponsible owners and traders can’t care for or sell the stock they have but are continuing to breed. When those animals suffer, organisations like the RSPCA are left to pick up the pieces.”

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