Horror film birthday premiere for Doncaster actor Robert Hartburn at Leicester Square

Robert Hartburn on the red carpet on Monday night
Robert Hartburn on the red carpet on Monday night

Actor Robert Hartburn had a birthday to remember on the red carpet this week for the promotion of a horror film in which he stars.

The former Doncaster resident was at Leicester Square, promoting horror film 3rd Night, on his 37th birthday.

The premiere was on Saturday, but the press night for the film was on Monday.

Answering reporters' questions on the red carpet was a 'surreal' experience, Robert said.

"Having it on my birthday and having all the press there," he said.

The film, in which Robert stars as Johnathan Reid, is set in Australia but based on an American story.

Johnathan and wife Meagan move to an orchard in the wilderness to escape the demands of modern life.

They soon become terrorised by a mysterious 'watcher'.

The film is based on events in New Jersey, USA, where a person has been terrorising homeowners with cryptic letters after they moved into a stately property.

Adam Gravely adapted the story to the Australian wilderness, and Robert said it felt like they were in a horror flick themselves, at times.

"It was pretty scary," he said.

"We'd be filming out in the woods at night, and you'd be walking back on your own."

The cast and crew had the use of the orchard and homestead, a cherry picker for the camera angles and quad bikes for getting around on.

The low budget meant producers had to beg, borrow and steal to get it made.

"It was done for next to nothing," Robert said.

Robert left the UK four years ago to work Down Under as brick layer, before securing acting work.

He has starred in Australian commercials, including one for Victoria Bitter's cricket watch in 2014.

Robert wants to return home to chase success in the UK.

He isn't sure where he will live when he comes back. London is the obvious choice, but Robert might find himself closer to his former home town.

"There's a lot going on up north," he said.

"I'll have to wait and see. I'll get an agent and see what they think."