High winds forecast for South Yorkshire today

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Severe weather including high winds of up to 50 miles an hour is forecast for South Yorkshire today - after ‘unexpected’ snow fell yesterday.

Gritters went out to treat priority one routes and farmers’ routes in Sheffield from 11pm as temperatures dropped almost to freezing.

Yesterday snow had fallen across the city, and the Peak District, despite the earlier forecast saying that it was likely to rain instead.

The Snake Pass road through the Peak District was also closed on Saturday after snow fell, but was back open on Sunday.

There is now a severe yellow weather warning in place for today, tomorrow and Tuesday, according to the Met Office.

High winds of up to 50 miles an hour, cold temperatures and rain, sleet and snow are possible.

Mario Cuella, forecaster at Meteo Group, said: “There is some uncertainty because we didn’t expect so much snow today in Sheffield and it is snowing heavily.

“For Monday I think it is going to improve, the snow won’t be as heavy as it is today but there will be sunny spells with the chance of some wintry showers.”

He said that gusts of wind around the region today could be up to 45 or 50 miles an hour.

The maximum temperature will beabout seven degrees and the minimum temperature around three degrees.