'˜He's in the wrong, not me:' Teenager in bust-up with Doncaster bus driver hits back

A teenager involved in a heated exchange with a Doncaster bus driver has given his side of the story and said: '˜He's in the wrong, not me.'

Thursday, 8th November 2018, 12:44 pm
Updated Thursday, 8th November 2018, 12:49 pm
Doncaster Interchange where the incident took place.

Earlier this week, bus operator First apologised and announced it was launching an investigation after one of its drivers was filmed shoving a 15-year-old boy at Doncaster Interchange and telling him: 'I'll smash your f****** face in'

Now the Daily Mail has reported that the teenager involved in the fracas has come forward to deny he was at fault for the incident, which took place on a Balby bus on Monday night.

Doncaster Interchange where the incident took place.

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Last night a boy claiming to be the teenager spoke up on Facebook to say the row erupted after his bus pass stopped working and the driver didn't believe he'd paid.

Jake Patrick Kielty said: 'I didn't get cheeky once, I got on the bus and said my bus pass doesn't work but I've got the receipt to prove it's still valid.

'He then accused me of lying and said "you could've got it from anywhere how do I know you're not lying?"'

'My response was "why would I lie mate, give me it back I'll wait for next bus cheers."

'He then said "cya later fat boy" under his breath so I turned around and called him a "p***k."

'He then decided to get out his booth and clench his fist then pushed me by the throat after I got off the bus so he's in the wrong not me.'

And he added: 'Everyone saying he's gunna lose his job and all this and that he should've thought about that before he laid his hands on me.'

He added that a former colleague of the drivers' had given him his name and because it was not the first time the driver had behaved in such a way.  

The boy continued: 'I'm a big lad for my age which shows I could've kicked off which I didn't so before you all jump to conclusions saying I shouldn't of got cheeky there's full story.

'I ain't a cheeky kid I have manners and respect for people who have the same towards me - respect works both ways.'

First announced it was investigating the driver after he was filmed swearing at and pushing the teenager.

In the clip, which has been widely shared on Facebook, the driver is also filmed calling the teenager a 'p***k'' '˜toerag' and '˜fat boy.'

Andy Simpson, Operations Director at First South Yorkshire, said: 'We are aware of the footage of one of our drivers and we'd like to apologise to our customers as this behaviour is unacceptable.

'We will now be investigating this incident with the driver.'