Hero soldier honoured

A SOLDIER from Conisbrough has been rewarded for his bravery after almost single-handedly pinning down Taliban fighters while two of his comrades lay injured in Afghanistan.

Lance Corporal Levi Webb was given a Task Force Commanders’ Commendation for his heroics during the battle, which happened only days into his first tour of duty in Helmand in June last year.

The 21-year-old, of the Royal Dragoon Guards, was driving a Viking 2 armoured vehicle in a mission to push the Taliban out of a village stronghold in the Nahr-e-Saraj area of Helmand when a truck in front of him hit a roadside bomb.

Two crew in the vehicle in front were badly hurt and Levi was left alone as his comrades went to help the injured men.

But they became pinned down by enemy bullets just inches above their heads.

Levi, who has previously served in Iraq, stood up in full view of the enemy and calmly fired shot after shot, keeping the Taliban fighters pinned down.

This allowed other members of his patrol to reach the injured men, all the while bullets were passing either side of him.

Levi said: “I could see rounds ricocheting around the casualties and thought,

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