Hero Doncaster neighbour chased and stopped burglars in car pursuit

A have-a-go-hero has told how he chased a gang of burglars in his car and stopped them after they raided his Doncaster neighbours' home.

Thursday, 3rd August 2017, 1:49 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:17 pm
Have a go hero Shaun McNeal

Shaun McNeal jumped into his Nissan Nabara car and cut the three raiders off, trapping them on Green Lane, Scawsby, until police arrived to arrest them shortly afterwards.

Lee Boydell, 44, of Linby Road, Barnsley, Rebecca Wright, 29, or Cutty Lane, Barnsley and Martin Wilmott, 40, of Ashby Crescent, Barnsley were all charged with burglary and jailed afterwards.

Shaun, aged 54, was at home at Barnsley Road on a Saturday afternoon when he heard his neighbour's alarm going off, shortly after he had spoken to the three thieves, who he had thought suspicious.

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He went outside to confront them.

He had spoken to the three earlier, after they had tried his door. When he came out on that occasion, they had asked him if he had a car for sale. He said 'no' but said he thought three looked as though they were on drugs.

He said: "I told them to go away. But the next thing I heard an alarm and saw that next door's door was hanging open.

"I got in my car and went to see if I could find them. I saw then come from a back garden on Scawsby Lane. They came out on foot and must have parked. I then saw them again making off in a car.

"I drove up Scawsby Lane and they turned off. I turned left and managed to cut them off, stopping in front of them and trapping them next to the pavement.

"The police arrived, and they initially drove straight past me - I got out and waved at them and they came back.

"They stopped being the other car, and trapped them in, and said they'd take over - I was glad, because one of the thieves looked a big man.

"I did something because I was annoyed that they'd tried my door, and it could have been me they burgled. I was angry and that is why I did what I did. I didn't really think about it, i just happened.

"After I calmed down, I couldn't believe I'd done it. Anything could have happened to me..

"I think I would do it again. I got burgled 10 years ago and it's not nice.

"I was so pleased to hear that they got locked up. It made it all worthwhile."

After all pleading guilty at Sheffield Crown Court, Boydell was sentenced to sixteen months in prison, Wilmott was sentenced to two years in prison and Wright was sentenced to three years in prison.

PC Alex Rowley who is a part of the Doncaster performance crime team, praised the public response to the break-in.

She said: "They should be very proud of their actions and I hope the sentences the offenders received sends out a strong and clear message that burglary will not be tolerated.”