Here's what you think about Doncaster's streets of empty shops

What do you think about Doncaster's empty shops?What do you think about Doncaster's empty shops?
What do you think about Doncaster's empty shops?
One Doncaster shopkeeper has urged people to get out and about and see what Doncaster has to offer, before it's too late.

Sarah Jones of Gregory's Leather Ltd in the Frenchgate wrote to the Doncaster Free Press voicing her concern about the failing footfall in the town.

Here are some of your responses via Facebook.

Fiona Booth said: "the shop owners need to drop the prices of rent. New business can not afford £28,000 per year for rent. How are new business afford to open doors when the rent is so high! lower the rates, lower rent and get new business to move into empty shops."

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Craig Glarvey said: "The place is a mess. Full of homeless people people spiced off there face who wants to see this the council and police need to get the place sorted Meadowhall every time for me."

The response from Stuart Adams was: "I’m afraid it’s up to the council to step up its game and make the town centre a place where people want to come to shop and eat."

Chris Hanks had this to say: "I don't even live in Donny anymore, still come back regularly and love the place but it's embarrassing how bad it has got.

"The town centre itself has a lot of potential if money was spent in the right way. Business rates need to be dropped straight away, £28k a year is a joke, that's why even popular places like cask corner, NYC bar and grill have shut their doors. Good businesses and pretty popular in their own respective markets, priced out by the council. DMBC have to realise this isn't Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle etc and they can't charge top whack.

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"Make the rates cheap, businesses will come in which will bring people in. The domino effect.

"Has anybody even stopped to think how popular a laundrette would be in the town centre for example? It gives people a purpose to come to the town centre."

Maria Fox said: "It is probably too late already,it isn't a nice place to go,it used to be good years ago,now it is scary....never see any police or security around.."

Kay Billingham added: "Frenchgate safe and friendly as full of great helpful security people. Employ these near market and printing office street would solve a lot of the issues."