Here's how to celebrate Bonfire Night without breaking the bank

Party hosts looking to get more bang for their buck this bonfire night can look to eight handy hacks from penny saving experts.

Friday, 2nd November 2018, 11:19 am
Updated Friday, 2nd November 2018, 1:28 pm

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Your guide to Bonfire Night and Firework Displays in Doncaster 2018

From searching online for firework deals to collecting free timber for a bonfire the money saving gurus at have shared their best hacks for an explosively good time without throwing away cash.


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Sticking to smaller fireworks such as Catherine Wheels and Rockets will still give an impressive display without the big price tag and they won’t ruin your garden or grass as much as some of the larger varieties.

Keeping toasty and full can also be easy with cosy blankets, beanbags and a big bowl of piping hot chilli con carne.

Darren Williams of said: “Bonfire night is a great chance for friends and family to come together and enjoy a fire-crackingly good time.

“It’s all about roaring bonfires, fireworks, good food and good company and hosting a good bonfire party doesn’t need to cost the earth.

“There are plenty of ways to entertain guests in true Guy Fawkes tradition without breaking the bank so our penny saving team have shared the best ideas for a 5th of November to remember.”

Here’s the list of eight hacks for the best budget bonfire night party:

1. Light up

Light up the garden and any paths or walkways with solar lights and lanterns so that people know where they’re going. These lights will also add a magical glow to the outdoors and really help set the atmosphere for a bonfire night party.

2. Keep guests’ toasty

Get all your blankets and cosy jumpers and jackets together then roll them up and pop them in a basket by the door. Make a sign that says ‘grab one and keep warm’ so guests can stay toasty in the outdoors during the evening.

3. Shop for deals

Have a look online for any firework deals – many supermarkets post offers in the lead up to Halloween and Bonfire so it’s always worth heading to firework specific stores and budget retailers to check out what you can get. It’s not always worth forking out for the big ones as you can impress with a good display of smaller fireworks. Better to give a lasting impression with these then with a few big fireworks that are over quickly.

4. Fire up

Look online for free wood collection. Social media and online free ad sites are great for finding this.

5. Marshmallows all around

Get some long skewers and marshmallows and encourage guests to toast them by the heat of the bonfire.

6. DIY toffee apple station

A DIY toffee apple station is a great addition to any bonfire party. Cut apples into slices and put them on skewers or cocktail sticks, dip them into hot toffee sauce and leave them to cool on a tray. Ensure there are pots of chopped nuts, marshmallows and white, milk and dark chocolate dipping sauces for delicious treats that everyone can get on board with.

7. Homemade hot drinks on tap

Get a few hot drinks dispensers and fill with hot chocolate, tea, mulled wine and cider. There are plenty of options to rent these dispensers for occasions if you don’t want to buy them and they’re handy to have on hand for guests to refill their own hot drinks.

8. Fill up

Make up a big bowl of hot chilli con carne and rice, stick a few jacket potatoes wrapped in foil in the oven, slice buns and get hot dogs on the boil. Guests will love that they can help themselves to a few warming, hearty food options and these are cheap and no hassle to make.