Helping hand for vulnerable Doncaster residents this winter

A cold pensioner.
A cold pensioner.

Vulnerable Doncaster residents who may struggle to heat their homes sufficiently are being given a helping hand this winter.

Energy giant Npower’s Health Through Warmth scheme is working with community organisations, charities and councils to fund and install crucial heating measures, such as boilers, in the home.

Homeowners in the town who have a long-term illness, a low income with little or no savings and who are unable to fully fund heating measures in their homes may be able to benefit from the scheme. They also do not have to be, or even become, an Npower customer to benefit.

Project leader Elaine Midwinter said: “As the summer starts to draw to an end, many residents in Doncaster will soon be turning the thermostats up when the cold weather hits. It’s vital that vulnerable residents - whose health is affected by the colder temperatures - are able to do the same, which is why we want to remind the wider community of the heating help that may be on hand to help them.”

To find out if you, or someone you know, may be eligible for help through the scheme, visit