Help us to salute our community champions

The Free Press and Doncaster Council are launching their 2nd annual Pride in Doncaster Awards 2011 to recognise those special people in our communities who give something back or have achieved something great,

Peter Davies, Mayor of Doncaster, said: “I really enjoyed last year’s awards ceremony; it was a great way to acknowledge and say thank you to the special people that live in our town.

“I’m really looking forward to hearing the stories of more outstanding people this year and encourage everyone to vote for someone special – they deserve to be recognised.”

Readers have been telling us for some time now how proud they are of Doncaster and we have been recognising this with our ‘Free Press Pride’ campaign which we launched into an awards last year. After the success we are delighted to be able to celebrate this now annual event and we look forward to seeing the entries flooding in again.

To enter a person or a group that has achieved something outstanding for themselves, another person or their community, complete an entry form and tell us why you think they deserve a Pride in Doncaster Award. Entry forms are available in this week’s edition of the Doncaster Free Press (18th August - 24th August).

The closing date for entries is 16th September 2011 and winners will be able to attend an awards event at the Keepmoat stadium on Thursday 27th October.

Fundraiser of the year

Do you know someone who has given up huge amounts of their time to help raise funds for a worthwhile cause or charity? Maybe they have taken part in sponsored runs and bake sales or perhaps they tirelessly fundraise with a donation bucket at the local supermarket. No matter how large or small the donation, tell us about this special person.

Teacher of the year

Is your teacher or teaching assistant inspirational? Has a special teacher brought out the best in you or your child? Do you know a really talented teacher or other teaching staff member who goes above and beyond? Tell us what makes your teacher special.

Inspirational young person

Do you know someone under the age of 18 who has done something inspirational? It could be at school, at home, while volunteering or playing sport. Maybe it’s someone who has overcome adversity and is a great example to other young people. Celebrate their achievement by nominating them.

Mayor’s award for lifetime achievement

There are a few exceptional people who devote themselves to helping others, who are especially committed to making a real difference to people’s lives and local communities. They may well be eligible for many of the other awards here but the lifetime achievement award will recognise continued efforts and achievements over a long period of time making it a truly special award.

Award for bravery

Whose actions have inspired you? Do you know someone who put others before themselves to make a difference, perhaps to stop a crime, or prevent a serious injury? Or someone who spends their life facing challenges and overcoming them courageously? Let us know who gets your award for their brave actions.

Neighbourhood superstar

Do you know someone who delights in making the world a better place, is always happy to lend a hand, tries to make a difference, and is an inspiration to others? Perhaps they volunteer in the community, help those less fortunate than themselves or have delivered successful projects for the benefit of their local area? Nominate your neighbourhood superstar.

Sporting hero

Who has played the game to the best of their abilities? Who devotes their life to making sure others can take part in sporting activities? Who best demonstrates fair play? Do you know someone, of any age, that has achieved great things in sport? Your hero can be anyone who deserves the award: player, manager, coach, referee, umpire, administrator, kit washer etc.

Doncaster Free Press award for special achievement in the community

Has an individual or group devoted themselves to making your community a better place? Have they started up a club or a group or completed a project that has benefited their neighbourhood or a group of people who needed help and support? We want to recognise the achievements of a person or organisation dedicated to their local community.

Carer of the year

There are thousands of carers in Doncaster, paid and unpaid, and the help and support they provide is vital to those they care for. These people give up huge amounts of their time and often put their careers and personal lives on hold to look after a friend or relative. Nominate a carer you know and show them how special they are.

Service with a smile

Who do you return to time and again for the best welcome, the best service, and the feeling that you are getting a great deal? Who stands out from the crowd and really cares about their customers? Tell us about your favourite shop assistant, market trader, restaurant or hotel worker and why they are the best!

Council worker of the year

Which member of council staff has made a real difference to you or your community? Who went the extra mile to make sure a problem was solved? Let everyone know about the good service you have received from a council worker or it could be one of your colleagues who dedicates their life to their council job.

Love where you live

Do you know a person or group who has significantly improved their community environment? Is it safer, cleaner, greener, friendlier or more fun because of someone or something that a group of people have done? It could be a small project that has made a big difference or an ongoing effort to enhance the area. Tell everyone about the improvement that has made your community a better place to be.